Micro Eco-Hut Yeta By Flavio Galvagni And Lab Zero

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“Yeta can be used for different purposes: as a ‘room with a view’ in the forest, as a mini research-lab in parks or remote areas, as a shelter on a mountain, as a display station in natural settings, as a mini-lodge in provincial parks and camping grounds, as a temporary dwelling in disaster-stricken area, a meditation space, a research camp or a storage/service unit. Yeta’s first version features a mini-kitchen and a mini-bathroom with shower. The wooden shell is insulated and the glass has a thick double layer to ensure a comfortable environment in the winter. Its flexible design means it can be fitted in different ways, according to need. Yeta also comes with a photovoltaic system that frees it from reliance on an electrical grid. The overall sizes of the Yeta unit are 3.7 m wide x 4.9 m length and 3.10 m height.” –  Lab Zero and Flavio Galvagni.

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