Mini House A Modern Prefab Concept By Jonas Wagell

Mini House By Jonas Wagell

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Mini House By Jonas Wagell

Mini House is award-winning modern prefab concept house designed by Jonas Wagell. “Mini House is a modern and functional prefabricated module house on 15 sqm suited for both summer and winter living. In addition to the compact house the concept also includes a15 sqm terrace with a pergola – all within the framework of the permit-free Swedish regulations.Mini house is designed to be easy to build.A sturdy construction is created by pre-fabricating walls and roof in modules. Also, critical aesthetic details such as the trimless windows in walls and roof and electrical feeds in walls are allowed to be prepared. Mini house is delivered flat-pack and constructed on-site within a few days.Furthermore, the concept includes a number of customized add-ons, such as a compact kitchen & bath module, a heater kit with chimney, a storage module and a solar power kit to provide electricity.” – Jonas Wagell.

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