Modern Outdoor Playhouse for Children

Children Outdoor Playhouse Illinois 1

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Children Outdoor Playhouse Illinois 1

If you have a bunch of children and don’t have enough space for them to play then take a look at this outdoor playhouse Illinois designed by SmartPlayHouse. The Illinois playhouse is ideal place where children can share games and secrets with all their friends. The playhouse is very spacious, bright and made up of two pieces separated by a wooden wall made of walnut and a dividing curtain. The wooden boards are painted with highly resistant weather proof paint and the flooring uses marine grade plywood boards.

The roof has thermal insulation which prevents high temperature inside the house in summer. The playhouse has total eight large windows that will allow your children to enjoy the scenery and it gives a real sense of freedom from any corner of the playhouse. The Illinois playhouse is the most unique in its structure, as the house is supported on exterior columns. To achieve such a feat, it is equipped with a wooden sub-structure under the flooring, which supports the house between the columns. Check out the pictures.

Children Outdoor Playhouse Illinois 2

Children Outdoor Playhouse Illinois 3

Children Outdoor Playhouse Illinois 4

Children Outdoor Playhouse Illinois 5

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