Most Expensive House In the World: Antilia, Mumbai

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Antilia is a twenty-seven floor (173m) building completed in Mumbai for Indian Businessman Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Industries. The family will occupy about 400,000 square fees (37,000 square meter), making it the largest home in the world. According to Reliance Industries, Antilia cost between US$500-700 million to build. There will be 600 full-time staff members to maintain the building. First look at the building.


Antilia is named after the mythical island in Antlantic, Antillia.

Antilia was designed by Chicago based architects, Perkins & Will. The Melbourne based construction company Leighton Holdings began constructing it but it has been finished by another company.

Mukesh Ambani, his wife, his mother and three children are expected to move in to the residence. Till date no information about the interior design or other things is revealed. We will update one it is available.

Article source: Wikipedia

The antilia house is situated on a 4532 square meter plot at Altamount road on the famed Cumballa Hill South Mumbai, India. The building has a space for 160 vehicles in first six floor and 3 Helipads in top. It is designed to survive 8-richter scale earthquake. It has 9 elevators in the lobby.




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