National Butterfly Center by Cooper Joseph Studio

National Butterfly Center 1

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National Butterfly Center 1

New York based architectural firm Cooper Joseph Studio has designed the Welcome Center for The North American Butterfly Association in Mission, Texas. Following is some information from the architects, “The North American Butterfly Association’s objective is to promote butterfly watching and respect for the environment through educational exhibits and gardens. Defined by human scale elements, formal and rustic gardens, and scenes of water retention areas, visitors to the National Butterfly Center will have an experience that reinforces local nature through both assimilation and contrast. Media and technology are employed in the exhibitions.

National Butterfly Center 2

Our design takes the overall park landscape and divides it into pixels, or squares. Zones of the park are then defined using these incremental pieces, considering the procession from arrival to garden. The Welcome Center uses this module as well. Through a careful selection of enclosure and open space, a building emerges with surrounding garden pavilions and support structures. Leading out from this structure, the land gradually transforms from formal garden squares to wild habitats.”

National Butterfly Center 3

National Butterfly Center 4

National Butterfly Center 5

National Butterfly Center 6

Image Courtesy: Cooper Joseph Studio

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