Pair Of Oceanfront Houses In Montauk By Pentagram Architects

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Pentagram Architects have designed Montauk Residence in Montauk, New York. The architecture consists of two separate main houses. Each house has its own identity, yet they share same materials, forms and intentions.

Words by architects:

A pair of oceanfront houses have been designed on a set of adjacent lots in Montauk, New York, that capture the rarest of assets: large private outdoor space on the Atlantic Ocean.


Each house has its own identity, yet they share a vocabulary of materials, forms and intentions. The main house is earthbound: a low-slung single story composed of an open steel and glass wing and an embracing brick and wood one. Only the writing studio and outdoor fireplaces top the single story height. The guest house, by contrast, is nearly entirely airborne, barely touching the ground and creating a series of covered spaces and processional gateways to the main house. Conceptually, the guest house is the second floor of the main house, relocated to the entry side of the site where it participates in defining the large landscaped courtyard hovering 75 feet above the ocean.

Built for a couple, the main house is composed of a pair of opposing “L” shaped wings: “his” space is a steel and glass loft on the ocean and “her” space is a warm, enclosing set of brick and wood private rooms. The materials—stone, terrazzo flooring, glazed brick walls, teak, stainless steel and terracotta—are the robust stuff suitable for both interiors and exteriors. The material palette binds the interior and exterior into a set of intimately connected spaces.

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