Peaks View Residence by Carney Logan Burke Architects

Peaks View Residence 1

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Peaks View Residence 1

Carney Logan Burke Architects have designed the Peaks View Residence near Wilson, Wyoming. Following is some information from the architects, “The Peaks View residence is sited near Wilson, Wyoming, in a grassy meadow, adjacent to the Teton mountain range.  The design solution for the project had to satisfy two conflicting goals:  the finished project must fit seamlessly into a neighborhood with distinctly conservative design guidelines while satisfying the owners desire to create a unique home with roots in the modern idiom.

Peaks View Residence 2

Within these constraints, the architect created an assemblage of building volumes to break down the scale of the 6,500 square foot program.  A pair of two-story gabled structures present a traditional face to the neighborhood, while the single-story living pavilion, with its expansive shed roof, tilts up to recognize views and capture daylight for the primary living spaces.  This trio of buildings wrap around a south-facing courtyard, a warm refuge for outdoor living during the short summer season in Wyoming.  Broad overhangs, articulated in wood, taper to thin steel “brim” that protects the buildings from harsh western weather.  The roof of the living pavilion extends to create a covered outdoor extension for the main living space.  The cast-in-place concrete chimney and site walls anchor the composition of forms to the flat site.  The exterior is clad primarily in cedar siding; two types were used to create pattern, texture and depth in the elevations.

Peaks View Residence 3

While the building forms and exterior materials conform to the design guidelines and fit within the context of the neighborhood, the interiors depart to explore a well-lit, refined and warm character.  Wood, plaster and a reductive approach to detailing and materials complete the interior expression.  Display for a Kimono was deliberately incorporated into the entry sequence.  Its influence on the interior can be seen in the delicate stair screen and the language for the millwork which is conceived as simple wood containers within spaces.  Ample glazing provides excellent daylight and a connection to the site.”

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