Pod-iDLADLA mobile mini-homes

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Pod-iDLADLA mobile mini-homes

Small, compact and mobile, the prefabricated residential units Pod-iDLADLA quickly became popular throughout the world, primarily because of their flexibility and functionality. Originally designed and manufactured in South Africa by the architect Clara da Cruz Almeida, Pod-iDLADLA are modular and cute mini-houses.

After estimating that 17 square meters is sufficient space for comfortable living, the architect with her team came up with a solution that would make living space more practical, functional and well organized. To reduce labor costs during construction, housing units are made of prefabricated parts and a wide selection of materials, among which wood and steel are the most frequently applied.

The units are constructed on two levels, divided into several rooms that are not mandatory functionally defined, so that the owners can adapt them to their needs. The lower level includes rooms such as living room, office, laundry room, kitchen and dining room. The space between the front and rear of the house houses a shower-room and covered porch that is a continuation of the interior. The bedroom is located on the second level.

These housing units are based on two concepts. The first is an eco-friendly and small living area which saves labor and materials for production and also encourages owners to go out and get closer to nature. The second concept is based on the modularity and mobility, which allows easy movement thorough the unit and a possibility to change the forms of the home by combining several units.

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(Photo Credits: Brett Rubin)

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