Portable Wooden House – Turtleback Nomadic Yurts

Turtleback Nomadic Yurts 1

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Turtleback Nomadic Yurts 1

Turtleback Nomadic Yurt is very unique and versatile yurt design which can be set up or taken down in just 2 hours. With 16ft diameter and 200sq ft space, the yurt can be loaded into an 8×10 trailer which makes it easy to move from one place to another. The structure has 10ft interior height at the center. The basic $8000 package made from pine and aspen wood includes 7 windows, no flapping canvas with Insulation R-value approx 5. You can add custom options such as portable deck, solar power setup and extra windows and doors for additional cost. According to the designer, the customization possibilities are endless. 

Turtleback Nomadic Yurts 2

Turtleback Nomadic Yurts 3

Turtleback Nomadic Yurts 4

Turtleback Nomadic Yurts 5

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