Scunthorpe Pavilion by S & P Architects

Scunthorpe Pavilion 1

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Scunthorpe Pavilion 1

European firm S & P Architects has designed the Scunthorpe Pavilion in North Lincolnshire, England. With a sculptural form, the pavilion establishes a dialogue with the surrounding play area and amphitheatre. Here is a description from the architects, β€œIt is designed to compliment the proposals for the surrounding landscape design and regeneration of the park – adressing the human scale and the unfolding of the pavilion as an event in the park.

Scunthorpe Pavilion 2

The split stereotomic form allows the accommodation to organise itself as a functional and secure entity. The tectonic screen wraps itself around the secure form, creating an interest through its refined ornament and sculptural wavelike effect.

Scunthorpe Pavilion 3

Cor-ten (weathering) steel is used to express the materiality of the pavilion – it is durable, vandal proof and its rust-like appearance of autumn tones fits well with the surrounding park landscape. The design was generated by the use of parametric and scripting software (Rhino and Grasshopper)”

Scunthorpe Pavilion 4

Scunthorpe Pavilion 5

Scunthorpe Pavilion 6

Scunthorpe Pavilion 7

Scunthorpe Pavilion 8

Scunthorpe Pavilion 9

Scunthorpe Pavilion 10

Photography: Christo Meyer, Via: Contemporist

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