Spectacular ”PV14” house in Texas

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spectacular_pv14-house in Texas

The private “PV14” house is located near the White Rock park in Dallas, United States and it is on one of the highest elevations in the city, approximately 100’ above the surface of White Rock Lake.

The main objective of the architectural studio “M Gooden Design” was to design and build a modern home with a unique character, that would it fit the specific location and to apply the existing construction techniques that are rarely used in newer residential buildings.

The desire of the owners, who live on the same property for 23 years, was to build a home that will offer a better view of the location, since the potential had not been fully utilized. The house, with an area of 343 square meters, has two floors with a small attic and has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, entertainment room and two garages.

Typical construction materials that distinguish “PV14” are the concrete floors,  exposed steel structure, prefabricated steel modules, masonry and glass.  Extensive use of overhangs and porches protect the windows from direct sunlight, while still capturing natural light and not obstructing the amazing views.

spectacular_pv14-house in Texas9


spectacular_pv14-house in Texas1

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(Photo Credits: Wade Griffith and Kurt Griesbach)

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