Stealth Barn by Carl Turner Architects

Stealth Barn 1

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Stealth Barn 1

London-based studio Carl Turner Architects has designed the Stealth Barn. It is an extension to the Ochre Barn, a large threshing barn converted to a home and studio. The Stealth barn sits perpendicular to the old barn. The exterior of the barn is clad with black-stained timber and the whole interior is covered with oriented strand board. The extension was designed to provide an extra self-contained unit that could be used as a guest house, studio or meeting place.

Stealth Barn 2

Following is a description from the architect, “Sitting in the exposed expanse of the Cambridgeshire fens, it is a bold, simple form, reminiscent of the barn it accompanies. Placed perpendicular to the existing barn, it stands to create and define a slightly more sheltered and casual garden which melts into the fens, a hint at the memory of a former farm yard. Stealth Barn is a sharp black mass – a shadow of the adjacent barn or a silhouette on the horizon. It is a robust exterior wrapped with a restricted palette, devoid of fussy detail, and formed to withstand its exposed position.

Stealth Barn 3

On the interior, this toughness is inverted through the inclusion of a warmer OSB; it wraps fully around the space to form angles reminiscent of the adjacent barns divided with straw bales, creating an immersive interior landscape.”

Stealth Barn 4

Stealth Barn 5

Stealth Barn 6

Stealth Barn 7

Stealth Barn 8

Stealth Barn 9

Stealth Barn 10

Stealth Barn 11

Stealth Barn 12

Photography: Tim Crocker and Jeremy Phillips

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