The Vertical forest: These are the most beautiful highrises in the world

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“Bosco Verticale” or Vertical forest is a project by Boeri Studio of Architecture. This project that regenerates the environment won this year’s International Highrise Award as the most beautiful and innovative project.

Boeri_Bosco_Verticale_12_full © Paolo Rosselli

(Photo credits: Paolo Rosselli)

The project is selected as the best because it impressively includes 14 000 plants in the concrete blocks. The highrises are an ideal solution for the cities of the future.Boeri_Bosco_Verticale1_full © Paolo Rosselli

(Photo credits: Paolo Rosselli)

“The Vertical Forest is an expression of the human need for contact with nature. It is a radical and daring idea for the cities of tomorrow, and without a doubt represents a model for the development of densely populated urban areas in other European countries” emphasized the jury president Christoph Ingenhoven.residenze_bosco_home_01

(Image credits: Stefano Boeri Architects  http://www.stefanoboeriarchitetti.net)

“The Vertical Forest represents a new approach to the highrise building, where trees and humans share their living space. It is the first example worldwide of a tower that enhances the hosting city with plant and fauna biodiversity. I am happy for both Milan and Expo, and for the Italian culture,” said Stefano Boeri, architect and founder of Boeri Studio.


(Image credits: Stefano Boeri Architects http://www.stefanoboeriarchitetti.net)


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