This ZEB Pilot House Produces More Energy Than It Consumes

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ZEB_pilot_houseSnøhetta design company, known for designing Norway’s new banknotes, came up with a new idea – a house that is fully prepared for the future.

The project “ZEB Pilot House” is a joint initiative between Snøhetta and the Centre for zero-emission buildings (ZEB).

Built in the small town of Larvik, Norway, this tilted house produces more energy than it consumes. The sloped roof is equipped with photovoltaic cells that collect solar energy. The collected energy supplies the whole house, and produces surplus energy to power an electric car.

The materials used on interior surfaces have been chosen on the basis of their ability to contribute to good indoor climate and air quality as well as aesthetic qualities.

To enhance the house’s livability, the property features a variety of spaces that can be enjoyed year round, as well as fruit trees and a vegetable garden which provide small-scale food production. In addition, the property includes a swimming pool and shower, which are warmed by the solar-generated heat surplus. ZEB_pilot_house1ZEB_pilot_house2ZEB_pilot_house3ZEB_pilot_house4ZEB_pilot_house5

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