Todos Santos Summer House By Gracia Studio

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Located in the middle of the road linking the capital of Baja California Sur Cabo San Lucas, Todos Santos is located. Magical town considered for foreigners and for Mexicans who seek a place of peace and tranquility with an exceptional climate. Our client, who in Los Angeles, California, leads a busy life looking in the village of “Hotel California” peace and quiet and the reunion with nature and lifestyle of one of the few Mexican towns that still keep the magic of an authentic Mexico. The site has a contrast of the desert landscape to the east and the west Pacific Ocean and a warm climate all year round. As he sought to create a beach house / desert opened to nature but just as surely count as the houses are not inhabited throughout the year, but temporarily. – Gracia Studio

The initial concept emerged from a shortage of materials and skilled labor in the village, so it was sought to use only local people to build the two houses, generating employment for local people and in the same way by seeking to give authentic touch to the homes through the “beauty of imperfection.” Materials were used as the “Talavera” has been used in Mexico for many years, which caught my attention and through the traditional local materials such as “pau d’arco” and the hue of the sand, houses were designed with a Mexican identity viewed from a contemporary reality.

The humility of using only one level was simply to save the respect for nature and give place to reason that people seek these remote sites in the world: “nature.” The houses are lost in nature as human beings are lost in their dreams and find that peace of mind as a way of life. The design process arose from the reunion with my childhood in Guaymas, Sonora, where every summer vacation and it stuck with me “feelings” but no details, but not photo memories. And there was a desire to use the metal window frames, which has been used in the homes of the people of Mexico forever. The blacksmith came out of a way to express the construction of the railings of the typical houses woven wood, which are called “bow stick” and the project was reinterpreted the tissue, only steel is used because in the process oxidation took a life and get older houses like one.

If you leave to see before your return time will have another look. These feelings are worth. It is love that you have one person with which you age. This is how I want to see these homes.

His main area or heart is the area of living-dining-kitchen area which encompasses promoting coexistence and family unity and the simplification of construction and thus has a sense of space that opens onto the horizon. – Gracia Studio.

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