Villa A by Architektonicke Studio Atrium

Villa A 1

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Villa A 1

Slovakian architectural practice Architektonicke Studio Atrium has built the Villa A in Kostoľany village. The concept is based on some kind of shell protecting the body from the outside. The outer surface is made of tin while the interior is wooden. The house is oriented to the east with a view on the village and the church.

Villa A 2

Following is a description from the architects, “The building itself is very simple. It has embedded basement and ground floor. Altogether it consists of three floors. From each floor the sloping terrain is accessible. Residential area with the dining room and the kitchen is glassed and oriented to the east and west.

Villa A 3

The entrance is situated at the lowest level, covered area near the stream serves also as a parking place. The basement consists of monolithic walls – architectural concrete. Walls consist of a sandwich constructions surrounded by either wood or tin.

Villa A 4

The roof rack has 10 degree elevation and it connects all rooms. At the end it runs into skewed walls. The northern one copies the stream in 74 angle.”

Villa A 5

Villa A 6

Villa A 7

Villa A 8

Villa A 9

Image Courtesy: Architizer


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