Villa inspired by Mondrian’s painting

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Villa inspired by Modrian’s painting

The villa “Mondiran”, designed by architect Vasiy  Klyukin is a contemporary artistic and architectural masterpiece. Klyukin was thinking about the idea to create a home that would be an artistic masterpiece, but done in an architectural way, following architectural principles, but still reflecting the character and interests of the owner.

The result of this idea is the series of architectural structures “Dream Domain” inspired by modern art masterpieces like the works of Piet Mondrian and Andy Warhol. In the design of these buildings Klyukin used bright and vivid colors to highlight the forms of the architectural structures and gave them unusual and appealing character.

The look of Modrian villa is almost identical to the popular abstract painting “Composition with Red, Yellow, Blue and Black”. The design of the façade was a difficult and complex process because it was necessary to carefully analyze Mondrian’s masterpiece in order to choose the appropriate forms and colors for the walls and glass surfaces to look authentic to the painting viewed from any angle.

Villa inspired by Modrian’s painting3 Villa inspired by Modrian’s painting1 Villa inspired by Modrian’s painting2

(Image Credits: Vasily Klyukin)

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