Abisko Washbasin Inspired By Mountain Springs And Waterfalls

Abisko Washbasin by Eumar 1

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Abisko Washbasin by Eumar 1

Abisko Washbasin is inspired by Swedish national park Abisko, which probably has some of the purest water in Europe. It has the freedom and simplicity of unspoiled mountain springs and waterfalls. Designed by Eumar, Abisko washbasin is very simple in design, without drain pipes and other unnecessary details around. Simple design of Abisko gives the impression that water is not “just water” but an exclusive product of the nature that should be used with carefulness and moderation. Abisko is a green product with very minimal use of components and energy during production. Check out the pictures.

Abisko Washbasin by Eumar 2

Abisko Washbasin by Eumar 3

Abisko Washbasin by Eumar 4

Abisko Washbasin by Eumar 5


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