Model_14 Faucet by Jordi Navarro Saldana

Model_14 Faucet 1

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Model_14 Faucet 1

Spanish designer Jordi Navarro Saldana has designed the futuristic faucet, Model_14. Here is some information by the designer, “If we think about the concept of a “faucet”, a clear picture comes out straight to our mind, a silhouette that reminds to an ascendant arc. This image is assimilated in the brain as its natural shape. Moreover, the descending arc also evokes the concept of “sink” in our mind.

Model_14 Faucet

The addition of this two movements turns into the brand new model_14. It´s a conceptual exercise for search the essence of the faucet. This design will be easily recognized as a melt of both stereotypes.

Model_14 Faucet 3

At first sight it can be described as a dynamic object, balanced and with an anachronical spirit. Simplicity and non superfluous ornaments synthesizes it all into an harmonious piece that fits every environment without distortion.”

Model_14 Faucet 4

Model_14 Faucet 5

Model_14 Faucet 6

Model_14 Faucet 7


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