Modern Bathtub Charme by Nuvist

Modern Bathtub Design Charme

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Modern Bathtub Design Charme

Istanbul-based design studio Nuvist has designed the Charme bathtub. Following is some information from the designers, “Charme bathtub defines a new typology in bathtub design. We have designed Charme for continuity unique form which has transition between watering system function, comfortable seating idea, and also singular continuous form. Side parts of back rest area of Charme form provide arm resting area during the bath period such as sofa has and also control buttons for the watering system.

Charme bathtub design

And the other main function is watering system which is located in front-bottom faces. These parts provide water for the bathtub like a hot tub and has control buttons in the arm resting area so there is no need to tabs for Charme. So typological, functional, ergonomic and formal necessities are blended together with a continuous surface.”

Modern Bathroom design

Futuristic Bathtub Design Charme

Charme modern white bathtub

Image Courtesy: Nuvist

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