Ocean Shell Bathtub by Bagno Sasso

Ocean Shell bathtub 1

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Ocean Shell bathtub 1

Switzerland-based company Bagno Sasso has created the Ocean Shell bathtub. The unique shape of the bathtub is inspired by the sea shell and is produced using selected technologies from Formula One. Each and every bathtub in the series is indisputably unique, as they are made by hand to maintain the exclusivity of each wooden structure.

Ocean Shell bathtub 2

The Ocean Shell bathtub is surrounded by a gravel bed which is designed to prevent the tub from overflowing. A carefully developed system ensures that the water is able to drain freely. The bathtub is available with or without the gravel bed.

Ocean Shell bathtub 3

Ocean Shell bathtub 4

Ocean Shell bathtub 5

Ocean Shell bathtub 6

Image Courtesy: Bagno Sasso