Tandem Urinal-cum-Sink 1

Tandem – Versatile Urinal-cum-Sink Design

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Tandem Urinal-cum-Sink 1

Tandem is a multifunctional bathroom sink-cum-urinal designed by Kaspars Jursons of Stand. In designer’s words, “A sink and urinal are combined into a single product, creating a multifunctional plumbing device. While you are washing your hands, the water is reused to rinse the urinal placed under the sink. This saves water, time and space.

Tandem Urinal-cum-Sink 2

The standard TANDEM is equipped with a drain, trap and wall mounts. Stone mass technology results in a high surface quality. To maximize the effectiveness of water conservation and hygiene, the product should be equipped with an infrared sensor faucet.”

Tandem Urinal-cum-Sink 3

Tandem Urinal-cum-Sink 4

Tandem Urinal-cum-Sink 5

Tandem Urinal-cum-Sink 6


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