Water Lounge By HOESCH

Water Lounge by HOESCH 1

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Water Lounge by HOESCH 1

Water Lounge is a unique combination of bathtub and lounge chair designed by NOA design bureau for HOESCH. Following is the information by the designer, “Immerse yourself in the fascinating wellness experience. Water Lounge concept gives its own interpretation of bathing and living. It breaks down borders, traditions and conventions. It creates smooth combinations you can delight with. You lie your body down comfortably in a transparent glass cube and let the light, water and delicate air massage regenerate your body and soul. The combination of aesthetic and functional values creates space for new visions and imaginations.

Water Lounge offers special facilities, such as, a table with integrated comfortable control panel with buttons immersed in glass. For optimal lighting you can use adjustable reading lamp with color changing device and water inlet function. The lamp can be turned on a 90 degrees angle, which allows lighting any chosen place of Water Lounge. In this transparent glass cube, you can relax on a comfortable lounge set on base made of stainless steel or teak wood elements. The lounge is equipped with comfortable, ergonomic pillows. Through spaces between these body pillows gentle air bubbles rise, which allow you to feel delicate air massage.”

Water Lounge by HOESCH 2

Water Lounge by HOESCH 3

Water Lounge by HOESCH 4

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