Aquabox bathroom system 1

Water Saving Bathroom System – Aquabox

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Aquabox bathroom system 1

Italian industrial designer Massimo Brugnera has created a new bathroom setup which saves water. In designer’s words, “This project blends all the usual bathroom’s pieces in one single object to promote an everyday water saving behavior. A purifier is part of a system placed inside the object: this system allows cleaning and collecting in an 80 liters tank the water coming from the use of the sink and the shower. The purified water can be used for the flush or to supply other necessities with the help of an alternative retractable tap, like to irrigate flowers. Other important features of this object are the compactness and the wellness orientation, with its adjustable rain shower, color therapy, sauna and appropriate internal lighting.”

Aquabox bathroom system 2

Aquabox bathroom system 3

Aquabox bathroom system 4

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