Choosing Themes For Kids Bedroom Design

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Author: Thomas Pretty

Designing a kids bedroom can be an ultimately fun and enjoyable process. The hardest part of the decision making is to choose what type of theme to opt for, with choices such as boating, castles, football, fairytale and history the choices are literally endless. Naturally any theme will mean matching furniture such as the bed, wardrobe and cupboards, creating a space that will be enjoyable and relaxing for kids.

Of vital importance is to include kids in the decision making process. As a parent it is important to find out whether there is a particular colour they like or a certain thing they are into. Remember that kids are often susceptible to fads and hence kitting out the room in their favourite thing may be inadvisable, in a month or so they may not like Postman Pat or Thomas the Tank Engine. Fundamentally it is advisable to keep the theme flexible, choosing a bed, and other furniture should reflect this flexibility at all times.


Additionally the theme will most likely have to reflect gender roles. For instance a girl will be more attracted to a fairy or princess bed and a boy will be more inclined to choose a bed and design that reflect a boat or racing car. It is possible to adapt a theme however for both genders, for instance a medieval theme can support both boys and girls, while the boys can have knights on the walls, girls will like princesses and flowing fabrics. Once again including kids in this process is the most advisable course of action when attempting to find a suitable design solution.

If you are stuck for ideas on what type of themes to go for here are a few pointers that will help you in finding the perfect bedroom design:

Nature is always popular with young kids, this could be adapted to be a jungle or the desert, an enchanted wood or even an under the sea theme.

Space is predominately popular with boys although there are some budding young female astronomers out there. Decorating the walls and bed with pictures of the sun, moon and stars can be good, as can planets hanging from the ceiling.

Animals are always a good option; adorning shelves with plenty of cuddly toys can make a room look like a zoo.

For a more simplistic theme utilise colours or even the entire spectrum. This type of design is excellent as it can be easily adapted as the child grows and tastes change.

A movie or TV show theme is a good idea although care should be taken as tastes with this sort of thing change rapidly. As previously stated forking out for a bedroom adorned with the latest TV show can be expensive and soon disliked.

Sports are always popular amongst youngsters. Naturally football or a favourite team can make a decent theme for a bedroom. There is even the opportunity to include pictures of the child’s favourite player.

Fantasy themes can include pirate ship bed design or a farmyard and even a fairytale wood or castle; even a boat bed for those who may want to be naval adventurers in future years. Ultimately the choice should be left to the kids.

These themes are just an idea of what is possible. Through deliberation with the child creating a space that is liked by both parent and kids is a very real and attainable possibility. It does not have to stop there however, including children in the decorating process will add to their love of a room and help in making a space that is loved by all.

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