Feng Shui Bedroom Design- Getting it Right

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Author: Richard Trott

Different forms of energies are everywhere around you, and if you know how to utilize these energies, you will be able to enrich your life in a great way. Feng Shui is one way of utilizing the energy, as it tells you how to design every corner of your home for better effects.

Employing Feng Shui design tips in the way you layout your bedrooms can have a profound impact on the flow of energy. This unique science focuses on creating a perfect balance between negative and positive energy by utilizing spaces efficiently. You’ll find that when you employ these principles in your bedroom design it will not only be practical but could also enrich your life by creating a harmonious flow of energy through the environment.


There are many things that can affect the flow of energy in your bedroom. The position of your bed for example is one of the most crucial elements that will determine the flow of energy. The experts in this particular field suggest that your bed should be kept in the command position. This is so that it enables you to derive the desired level of energy that flows through your room.


What is the command position? The fact of the matter is that you may not always be able to get everything right according to Feng Shui principles. Ideally speaking, the perfect command position would be the furthest diagonally opposite space from the entrance of your bedroom. This is a good place to rest your bed as it keeps you at a good distance from the entrance while making sure that you are in direct reach of the harmonious flow of energy. Keep in mind, it is not recommended to place your bed right opposite the door as that will overexpose you to the flow of energy.

If possible, you should strive to have a full-scale wall behind your bed. This will allow you to lean on the wall as you sit on your bed and thus provide you with a comprehensive visual command of your bedroom. This is important symbolically as well as physically.

Another thing that you need to watch out for is your bedroom window. Feng Shui experts suggest that the window should ideally appear on the right side of your bed and not directly above it. Again, the object of placing the bed in this manner is so that you derive positive energy in the desired quantity from the window along with the door.

However, the manner in which your bedroom is designed may not always enable you to employ these principles as they are. This is where you have to take the advice of a professional Feng Shui expert who will be able to create improvised solutions for your bedroom. Similarly, you can consult the professional to help you with the layout of the entire house or even your office space so as to benefit from the fine balance of positive and negative energy which Feng Shui interior design helps to accomplish.


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