Innovative Wardrobe Series With Futuristic And Cool Illumination

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Want to change the appearance of your living room or bedroom every day? The famous furniture company Interluebke designed a new storage cabinet series with spacious, functional and beautiful styles. The main attraction of this wardrobe series is the futuristic and cool illumination. The minimalistic and modern doors are designed in transparent enough to pass the light, but yet it can hide the storage shelves. This innovative and unusual design is named as EO. You can change the color of the illumination at a touch of the button. With this you have a chance to modify the look and feel of your living room or bedroom whenever you want. Another plus point is you can use this illumination as a night lamp in your bedroom. The furniture series comes in large varieties of sizes to suit the needs of one and all. Take a look at this picture gallery of modern and innovative storage cabinet.

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