Most Innovative Bed Letto Zip By Florida Furniture

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If you’re too lazy to make up even your own bed then check out this Letto Zip bed which comes from Florida Furniture. Now you can quickly make up the bed for comfortable night. All you have to do is zipping and unzipping the cover. The cover of the bed is inspired by the design of cocoon which can be removed at night for sleeping. You don’t need to bother about the disturbed bed in the morning, you can simply close the cover and bed looks neat and tidy. The futuristic look of the bed is enhanced by the padded frame and elegant curved shape of the bed. Combined with beautiful colors like white, blue and grey it will make a major impact towards the overall design of your bedroom. Check out the pictures of this modern and innovative bed design for neat and clean bedroom looks.

White Letto Zip Bed

Letto Zip bed in closed condition

Blue Letto Zip bed by Florida Cucine

Grey Letto Zip bed by Florida Furniture