6:00 pm Chair by Christian Vivanco

6:00 pm Chair 1

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6:00 pm Chair 1

Mexican designer Christian Vivanco has designed the 6:00 pm chair. It is a simple seating unit designed to use in the evening 6:00 pm which, according to the designer, is the best moment to enjoy. In designer’s words, “A simple and contemporary approach to a iconic profile giving an excuse to enjoy a reminiscence of other times, joining clean and straight outlines with soft and gentile details. As the name itself express, 6:00 pm is the best moment to enjoy this piece of furniture, to relax, to look around and exhale.”

6:00 pm Chair 2

6:00 pm Chair 3

6:00 pm Chair 4

6:00 pm Chair 5

6:00 pm Chair 6

6:00 pm Chair 7

6:00 pm Chair 8

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