Avila – creative children’s furniture with shapes inspired by pets and animals

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Children’s desk as a friendly cow, chair that looks like a playful dog and a small cart-shaped chest looking like a cheerful pink pig are just some of the elements of the creative collection of children’s furniture by the designer Natasha Njegovanovikj. This postgraduate student in Industrial Design at the Faculty of Design and Architecture at Zagreb University, Njegovanovikj crafted a collection of children’s furniture Avila which apart from being practical and functional, it brings more creativity and imagination in children’s rooms.

The collection consists of desk, chair, children’s bicycle and a small storage chest for toys and books. Each element is made to have a functional role and at the same to playful for games. The pieces look like they come from the children’s imagination, simple, cheerful and creative and at the same time educational.

What is interesting about this collection is that it encourages children’s imagination and play, away from video games, computers and tablets. It encourages the old type of games when grandpa’s cane became pony, and the chairs were houses and castles. The days when the childhood fantasy and didn’t need technology. With this collection children can re-create their own fantastic world.

avila-creative-childrens-furniture-with-shapes-inspired-by-pets-and-animals1 avila-creative-childrens-furniture-with-shapes-inspired-by-pets-and-animals2 avila-creative-childrens-furniture-with-shapes-inspired-by-pets-and-animals3 avila-creative-childrens-furniture-with-shapes-inspired-by-pets-and-animals4(Photo Credits: Pavel Posavec)

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