Babel Bookshelf By Mario Mazzer For Bonaldo

Babel bookshelf by Mario Mazzer for Bonaldo

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Babel bookshelf by Mario Mazzer for Bonaldo

Babel is a five-tier bookshelf with a trunk-like, conical form designed by Mario Mazzer for Bonaldo. In designer’s words, “Babel is a truncated-cone form library excavated asymmetrically to create faced to store books, newspapers, and articles. A sculptural image with a special groove that acts as a containment for newspapers and magazines. The surface is irregularly striped and recalls the natural elements as might be the trunk of a tree. The circular base allows this beautiful object for easy insertion into any home and business use. The shelf is made of polyethylene rotationally molded in different colors.”

Babel Bookshelf

Library Babel by Mario Mazzer