Be one with nature with this Sioux coat rack

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Sioux_coat_rack1 “Sioux” is a project of solid beech wood coat rack made by wood turning designed by Nicolas Abdelkader for NAB design studio.

Inspired by Indian American culture, “Sioux” is a wink at that time when people were one with nature and had to hunt to feed and protect their communities. Even though times have changed, this iconic design is trying to tell that story.

Representing arrows shot into a target, the coat rack “Sioux” has a solid beech structure.

The base, representing the target through the implementation of grooves was dimensioned so that the assembly has good stability. The arrows are screwed to the base, allowing easy installation and transportation. The arrow heads are also made of beech and tinted Wenge. They are attached to the body by simple fitting.

Sioux_coat_rack2Sioux_coat_rack3Sioux_coat_rack4Sioux_coat_rack6 (2)Sioux_coat_rack6 (1)


(Image credits: Nicolas Abdelkader)

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