Bench Mould Shelves by Studio Glithero

Bench Mould Shelves 1

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Bench Mould Shelves 1

London-based design firm Studio Glithero has designed the Bench Mould Shelves. Following is some information from the designer, “Bench Mould Shelves are a set of 8 poly-concrete shelves, developed as a progression of Bench Mould series of furniture (2010). The Bench Mould series are pieces made using the traditional technique of running plaster cornice. Working continuously with wet plaster, a 2D profile is repeatedly cut through the material until a perfectly crisp extrusion emerges. Bench mould refers to the way the pieces are traditionally made upon the craftsman’s bench, either using the edge of the table as a guide rail, or a nail hit into the worktop as a pivot.

Bench Mould Shelves 2

Traditionally used to create decorative elements, the technique has been interpreted to make a functional end product with details that reveal the animation of the process and traces of the material transformation. The pieces are made with using a fine poly-plaster and are finished with a satin wax polish.”

Bench Mould Shelves 3

Bench Mould Shelves 4

Bench Mould Shelves 5

Bench Mould Shelves 6

Image Courtesy: Studio Glithero

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