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Have you ever felt like there was a missing link between seating space and sleeping space in your home? Keep reading. There’s a reason why you can’t quite figure out how to balance comfort and space.

At the end of a long day, there’s nothing like sinking into the comfort of a couch with all of the personal space of a lounger. If you’ve been trying to enjoy nap-level comfort on a regular recliner chair, you already know how uncomfortable and limiting this can be. However, you may not have the space or need for a full-sized sofa. Of course, the real struggle comes in when you have friends or family crashing for the night because all you can offer them is a choice between a stiff, narrow couch and a rigid recliner chair. This is where a big, plush sleeper chair enters the picture.

A sleeper chair combines the benefits of a cushy sleeper sofa with the “personal touch” of a classic recliner. When you settle in, it’s like your body gets locked into an embrace of tailor-made comfort. You get that familiar feeling of having “your chair.” When you’re just watching a movie, you can sit upright to enjoy some popcorn. When it’s time to lazily read a book after a long day, you can get into reclining position to let the words on the page gently carry you into slumber. Let’s not even get started on the pleasure of taking a nap in the sun in one of these cloud-like super chairs!

What is the best sleeper chair? As far as providing that mix of comfort and convenience, nothing tops the pillow-topped Vonanda Convertible Sleeper Chair. Thick and soft, this chair provides tons of support. It quickly converts from sitting to reclining in a snap! When it’s not in a sitting or sleeping position, it folds into a convenient ottoman position! This is really a four-in-one chair that makes all of your reclining dreams come true. However, this Ottoman-style beauty is far from the only “block” on the block. The cozy options to choose from range from Victorian-inspired “mock” sofas to plush, portable gaming chairs that “level up” into bed mode. Take a look at all seven of the best sleeper chairs!

1. Vonanda Convertible Sleeper Chair

Vonanda Sofa Bed, Convertible Chair 4 in 1 Multi-Function Folding Ottoman Modern Breathable Linen...
  • 💎CONVERTIBLE DESIGN:The convertible sofa bed can be used as a ottoman in normal. It can be easily and quickly converted...
  • 💎SUITABLE FOR ANY SCENE:The sleeper chair has simple and stylish with a unique folding design, taking up less space,easy...
  • 💎ADJUSTABLE & SUPPORT:Breathable linen fabric and high density sponge not only make the lines full and simple, but also...
  • 💎SUITABLE FOR ANY SCENE:The sleeper chair has simple and stylish with a unique folding design, taking up less space,easy...
  • 💎BUY WITH CONFIDENCE:We offer each customer a 180-day free trial and a 3-year promise, completely eliminating your...

Technical Details:

  • Color options: 3 options
  • Weight: 66.9 pounds
  • Weight capacity: 440 pounds
  • Material: Linen, metal, sponge
  • Warranty: 1 year

Constructed of breathable linen, this chair won’t overtake you even though it’s very sizable. Its metal frame ensures that it can handle a good amount of weight. However, the way it folds down into such a petite shape makes it perfect for a space of any size! When you’re not using it, it becomes an ottoman that can accompany your regular living room set!

Reviewers praise this sleeper chair’s configuration for being a sharp-looking design that is also usable. Others were pleasantly surprised by how comfortable it is!

The Vonanda Convertible Sofa Bed is a well made convertible sofa bed that is easily adjustable to support your every need. This convertible chair is perfect for modular-styled homes.

A lot of reviewers really love this sofa bed. It is super comfortable, it’s perfect for guests, and despite its size, you can move and arrange it easily.

A few reviewers complained that the quality isn’t the best. There are also a few reviewers who complained that the sofa they received had some torn fabric.

The sofa bed’s dimensions are 37 x 28 x 16 inches. It weighs 66.9 pounds.

If you’re looking for a well made sofa bed, then this is a great option for you!

View Vonanda Convertible Sofa Bed on Amazon

2. Vonanda Tufted Sleeper Chair

Vonanda Sofa Bed, Convertible Chair Bed Multi-Function Sleeper Chair Modern Breathable Linen Folding...
  • Functional: The convertible two-in-one design can achieve as a sofa or twin bed. You can sit on it to enjoy your leisure time...
  • Sturdy and Durable: The industrial-style black metal legs provide more stable support for the entire sleeper sofa. The core...
  • Comfortable: The sofa cushion is designed to meet different sitting postures, and this foldable sofa is comfortable for lying...
  • Easy Assembly&Use: Installation instruction is attached to help quickly assemble, and adult assembly is needed. The simple...
  • Kindly Remind: To simplify installation, 2 screws A are welded on the sofa legs directly during our production process....

Technical Details:

  • Color options: 4 options
  • Weight: 69.9 pounds
  • Weight capacity: 550 pounds
  • Material: Linen, metal, sponge
  • Warranty: 1 year

This smart two-in-one design makes a perfect accent chair that also serves as an easy guest bed. The design features high-density sponges and resilient serpentine springs that provide tons of comfort and support. The use of upholstered linen fabric gives this chair a very casual, clean look!

People who have bought this chair love how easy it is to assemble. Its compact design makes it perfect if you’re looking for something to keep in a corner of a bedroom for when guests come over!

The Vonanda Tufted Sofa Bed is a sturdy and durable sofa bed that functions perfectly as a sofa and a bed. You can choose from four different colors.

Reviewers absolutely love this sofa bed. It is very easy to operate, it’s perfect for compact apartments, and the overall design is amazing.

The sofa bed’s dimensions are 15 x 13 x 10 inches. It weighs 69.9 pounds.

If you’re looking for a convenient sofa bed, then this is a perfect option for you!

View Vonanda Tufted Sofa Bed on Amazon

3. Vonanda Leather Ottoman Sleeper Chair

Vonanda Faux Leather Ottoman Sofa Bed,Small Modern Couch Multi-Position Convertible with Selected...
  • 👑【REDEFINING ANY LIVING SPACE】4 in 1 convertible ottoman bed can be placed in any corner. Also, it can be quickly...
  • 👑【QUALITY MATERIALS & STURDY FRAME】Selected high-quality leather, good wear resistance, strong breathability, soft and...
  • 👑【ADJUSTABLE BACKREST DESIGN】Comfortable tilt with 5 locking adjustment positions for setting chair bed to preferred...
  • 👑【MODERN STYLE】Time will add charm to leather sofas, and minimalism is the best choice that will never go out of...
  • ♟【BUY WITH CONFIDENCE】There is an excellent service team. We offer each customer a 100-day limited trial and a 1-year...

Technical Details:

  • Color options: 3 options
  • Weight: 65.9 pounds
  • Weight capacity: 550 pounds
  • Material: Metal, leather
  • Warranty: 1 year

A great pick if you’re looking for extra bedding that is highly functional, this ottoman sleeper folds up into a gorgeous ottoman when it’s not being used. It quickly converts to a sofa, recliner or bed! This sleeper chair is made from high-quality leather that balances durability, breathability and comfort nicely. It has a robust internal metal frame stuffed with high-density foam to create luxurious firmness! It’s a great pick if you like a rigid feel that won’t make it seem like the bed is “caving in” under your overnight guest. This is a waterproof design built for longevity!

People who received this couch were pleased to discover that it looks like a piece of designer furniture in person!

The Vonanda Leather Ottoman Sleeper Chair is a super sleek sleeper chair that is made of high-quality materials and a very sturdy frame. This sleeper chair is a great alternative to your casual lounge chairs.

Many reviewers really like this sleeper chair. It is very convenient, it doesn’t require assembling, and the sleek leather cover is nice and cool.

The sleeper chair’s dimensions are 37 x 28 x 16 inches. It weighs 65.9 pounds.

If you’re looking for a sleek, leather sleeper chair, then this is for you!

View Vonanda Leather Ottoman Sleeper Chair on Amazon

4. Divano Roma Furniture Sleeper Chair

Divano Roma Furniture Modern Velvet Fabric Recliner Sleeper Chaise Lounge - Futon Sleeper Single...
  • COMFY LOUNGE CHAIR: handpicked velvet tufted backrest and seating made with high density foam cushion made for comfort. Comes...
  • ADJUSTABLE RECLINING: convertible sofa, fold to many positions to read, relax, sleep and transforms flat for a single person...
  • FINE UPHOLSTERY: upholstered mid century diamond button stitched look with nailhead trimmer armrest accents. Our sleek...
  • EASY SET UP: little assembly needed. Sets up in minutes tools and manual instructions included. Dimensions ( L x W x H ) 69"...
  • WARRANTY – directly from the manufacturer your happiness is our happiness and we offer a full guarantee risk free no...

Technical Details:

  • Color options: 4 options
  • Weight: 72 pounds
  • Weight capacity: 500 pounds
  • Material: Velvet
  • Warranty: 30 days

Bring on the luxury with this tufted velvet design! Constructed to resemble a piece of high-end furniture with a modern-meets-Victorian vibe, this beautiful design feels like a daybed straight from your dreams. It easily transforms into a flat futon sleeper. However, its high back makes it very functional when it comes to simply watching television or reading a book. When arranged in a living room, nobody will have any idea that this is a quick-convertible sleeper as they admire nail-head trim accenting diamond-button stitching.

Generally, people love the way this chair looks in their homes. However, some reviewers felt that the back of the chair looked a little cheaper than the rest of the design. For that reason, this might be a good chair to consider if you’re looking for something that will be placed against a wall.

The Divano Roma Furniture Sleeper Chair is an elegant designed sleeper chair that is very comfortable and easy to adjust. You can choose from four different colors.

Many reviewers like this sleeper chair. The colors look nice and vibrant, it has a soft cushion, and the overall design is fantastic.

A few reviewers complained that the chair is very hard to assemble. There are also a few reviewers who complained that the customer service isn’t the best.

The chair’s dimensions are 68.9 x 48.06 x 32.48 inches. It weighs 72 pounds.

If you’re looking for an elegant sleeper chair, then this is a good option for you!

View Divano Roma Furniture Sleeper Chair on Amazon

5. FLOGUOR Sleeper Chair

FLOGUOR 42-Position Adjustable Floor Chair, Chaise Lounge Indoor, Folding Lazy Sofa with Armrests...
  • QUALITY CHAIR : The chaise couch use Japanese KoYo mechanism and made of sponge & soft surface fabric. You will feel...
  • 42-POSITION ADJUSTABLE : Multiple adjustable positions from 90 degrees to fully flat which is the most comfortable angle for...
  • FOLDING PACKED DESIGN : Folding packed design we delivery you a small package, easy for you to move the sofa bed at home. It...
  • EXTRA PILLOW AND ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED ARMREST : This lounge chair is designed as a nice chilling spot instead of your bed...
  • Removable cushion:Comfortable and safe,this floor sofa chair fits all people of different heights with a detachable cushion...

Technical Details:

  • Color options: 3 options
  • Weight: 19.58 pounds
  • Weight capacity: 300 pounds
  • Material: Textile
  • Warranty: 1 year

Designed using the Japanese KoYo mechanism, this is a great chair for relaxing and gaming. While it’s very ergonomic, it doesn’t offer the padding or height of other chairs on this review list. It’s really more of a supplemental chair than a piece of furniture. As a bonus, it folds into a small, easily storable shape that you can place in a closet. The dozens of positions to choose from that take you from 90 degrees to fully flat are very exciting because there’s a position for every activity!

Some reviewers did think that this chair could stand to be a little more cushioned for the price. A few noticed that it’s a bit crinkly and noisy. This could be a problem if you’re using it to sleep! However, many reviewers found it to be very comfortable and soft.

The FLOGUOR Sleeper Chair is a high-quality sleeper chair that has 42 adjustable positions to fit your mood. You can choose from three different colors.

Many reviewers really like this sleeper chair. The quality is nice, it’s well made, it’s very comfortable, and it is super portable.

The chair’s dimensions are 27.2 x 22.6 x 15.7 inches. It weighs 19.58 pounds.

If you’re looking for a portable sleeper chair, then this is a great option for you!

View FLOGUOR Sleeper Chair on Amazon

6. Besthls Folding Sleeper Chair

BESTHLS Folding Lazy Sofa Floor Chair Adjustable Floor Gaming Lounger Bed Chaise Couch with Armrests...
  • Besthls Adjustable Floor Gaming Sofa Chair- This lounge chair is originally designed to make your leisure time more...
  • Adjustable Lounge Sofa Chair - This fully adjustable sofa chair can be adjusted at 5 different angles, which is the most...
  • Thick and Comfortable Padded - The sofa chair is generously padded with high resilience cushion. It perfectly fits your body...
  • Solid and Durable Steel Frame - The lounge chair uses reinforced steel frame. It lasts for a long time with no warp or...
  • Multifunctional Usage - This sofa is perfect for your bedroom, living room and balcony. It has elegant and simple design,...

Technical Details:

  • Color options: 5 options
  • Weight: 8.5 pounds
  • Weight capacity: 300 pounds
  • Material: Fabric, cotton, metal
  • Warranty: 1 year

Full of thick padding that fits the curve of your body, this chair is a dream for snuggling up to read a book. It folds totally flat to create a sleeping pad. While plush, this simply isn’t a true piece of furniture the way that some of the other designs on this list are. It’s a very portable, casual accent piece. As a plus, it can easily be pulled out to a deck or balcony for some under-the-stars relaxation! It offers five different adjustment angles in total.

While reviewers generally appreciate the petite, portable size of this chair, some did comment that the back was not tall enough to support their necks. While it offers a good amount of cushioning, it’s certainly not the most padded option out there.

The Besthls Folding Sleeper Chair is a soft and thick sleeper chair that has a super solid frame that can support up to 300 pounds of weight. You can choose from five different colors.

Reviewers really like this sleeper chair. It is very compact, it’s nice and comfortable, and it’s perfect for gaming or relaxing.

A few reviewers complained that the chair’s price is a bit too high. There are also a few reviewers who complained that the chair is too small.

The chair’s dimensions are 36 x 22.5 x 4.25 inches. It weighs 8.5 pounds.

If you’re looking for a compact sleeper chair, then this is for you!

View Besthls Folding Sleeper Chair on Amazon

7. HOMHUM Sleeper Chair

HOMHUM Convertible Sofa Bed Sleeper Chair,Adjustable 5 Position Backrest, Folding Arm Chair Sleeper...
  • 【Upgrade Folding Sofa Bed Chair】Foldable design with 3 in 1 Versatile Performance. Regarding your different needs, it can...
  • 【5-Positon Adjustable Backrest】You can adjust 5 reclining levels, including 90°, 108°, 126°, 144°, 162° to find your...
  • 【Extremly Comfortable w/ Soft Pillow】Compared to other single sofa bed on the market, Our sofa bed's seats are more...
  • 【Durable & Sturdy Frame】High quality metal frame made, durable and strong to withstand a weight of 450 lbs. As a sofa,...
  • 【Scientific Design & Multi-scene Application】High back design can support your body perfectly and distribute pressure...

Technical Details:

  • Color options: 2 options
  • Weight: 45 pounds
  • Weight capacity: 450 pounds
  • Material: Steel, sponge, linen
  • Warranty: 1 year

Showing off a mod design, this sleeper chair offers a very utilitarian way to pepper in some extra seating and sleeping space. While this chair isn’t exactly a showstopper, it gets the job done if you just want an occasional “spare bed.” It offers a firm, low-to-ground sleeping experience.

Many reviewers commented that this chair was pretty untenable for sleeping unless they added their own foam toppers. However, the fact that it is both compact and fairly priced makes this chair more than good enough for many reviewers.

The HOMHUM Sleeper Chair is a stylish and comfortable sleeper chair that is perfect if you want to upgrade your relaxing experience. You can choose from two different colors.

Reviewers really like this sleeper chair. It has a large size which is perfect for lounging around, it is super comfortable, and the stylish design is perfect for my home.

A few reviewers complained that the chair feels cheap. There are also a few reviewers who complained that the foam is too thin.

The chair’s dimensions are 33″ x 29″ x 25″. It weighs 45 pounds.

View HOMHUM Sleeper Chair on Amazon

Best Sleeper Chairs Comparison Table

Product nameColor optionsWeightWeight capacityMaterialWarranty
Vonanda Convertible Sleeper Chair3 options66.9 pounds440 poundsLinen, metal, sponge1 year
Vonanda Tufted Sleeper Chair4 options69.9 pounds550 poundsLinen, metal, sponge1 year
Vonanda Leather Ottoman Sleeper Chair3 options65.9 pounds550 poundsMetal, leather1 year
Divano Roma Furniture Sleeper Chair4 options72 pounds500 poundsVelvet30 days
FLOGUOR Sleeper Chair3 options19.58 pounds300 poundsTextile1 year
Besthls Folding Sleeper Chair5 options8.5 pounds300 poundsFabric, cotton, metal1 year
HOMHUM Sleeper Chair2 options45 pounds450 poundsSteel, sponge, linen1 year

A Quick Buying Guide for Sleeper Chairs

We all have different reasons for wanting sleeper chairs. Some people are looking for personal nap spots! Others just want a place where guests can sleep without finding the money or room for a spare bed. Your reason for choosing a sleeper chair will greatly factor into the type of chair you should be focusing on. Take a look at a mini buying guide for sleeper chairs that will help you make a decision that lets you sleep at night!


Where you plan to keep your sleeper chair is the big question. If you’re going to be using this as a full-time chair in a living room, it’s worth spending a little more for a “mock” sofa design that truly fits in with the rest of your furniture. This is actually a smart investment because you’re getting a two-in-one piece of furniture. For many people, an ottoman-style sleeper chair is the best option because you’re using this purchase even when you don’t need extra sleeping or sitting space. If you’re just looking for something you can keep in a bedroom to pull out whenever guests stay, one of the simpler, thinner options should work nicely.


This is a detail that’s often overlooked. Nothing is worse than feeling resentment toward overnight guests because they’ve stained your sofa chair with midnight snacks or drinks. The linen and plush materials used on many sleeper chairs don’t provide tons of stain resistance. If you’re concerned about preserving your sleeper chair, it’s worth paying a little more for a leather or vinyl style for that added stain resistance.

Distance to the Ground

The thinner sleeper chairs on the market may be “okay” for just a night. However, they often feature thin padding without any distance between your back and floor. If you’re purchasing a sleeper chair that you intend to actually sleep on pretty regularly, you can save yourself from back issues by going for something with a nice height that keeps your back off of the floor. A solid metal frame is great for that. Firm padding also works much better than formless, ultra-soft padding. If you’re going for a budget option that doesn’t provide good padding, just be prepared to also invest in a topper.

Best Sleeper Chairs FAQs

Is sleeping in a sleeper chair harmful for your health?

Sleeping in a sleeper chair shouldn’t be harmful for you especially if you find it comfortable. For the majority of people, it’s generally safe to sleep in one.

Do I need a sleeper chair for my home?

If you live in a pretty small or compact space, then a sleeper chair would be perfect for saving much needed space.

Can I check the quality of the chair before buying it?

You can check out the reviews section on Amazon. Reviewers share their experience with the product and that can help you choose the one for you.

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