‘Big Boss’ Desk by Piergil Fourquié

Big Boss writing desk

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Big Boss writing desk

French designer Piergil Fourquié has created the Big Boss desk. The design of the furniture is based on the cantilever principle used in the architectural constructions. The lacquered metal skirt gives a solid volume which supports the desk and also hides the user’s legs. The light oak suspended top contrasts with the metal support. The interior of the metal skirt is covered with the topstitched leather which creates a warm protective cocoon.

Big Boss work desk

In designer’s words, “The choice of material is a metaphor for a ‘sports coupe’ car: the metallic exterior reflects the immediate environment and hides the user’s legs. The elegance of the lines hides all that is to be hidden: computer cables, electric wires, drawer.”

Big Boss writing desk design

Big Boss office desk

Big Boss desk details

Big Boss writing desk

Big Boss writing desk details

Image Copyright: Ian Scigliuzzi