Cahute Table 1

Cahute Table by Pierre-Gilles Fourquié

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Cahute Table 1

French designer Pierre-Gilles Fourquié has designed the Cahute Table. The Cahute is a French word meaning Hut. In designer’s words, “Cottage made of lightweight materials. Hut is a project that appeals to our childlike imagination, the part structure becomes a little table that will allow us to put our past readings and symbolizes a place of meditation and reflection, the light inspired by Native American peace pipes were used to declare peace between two tribes. Air microarchitecture consists of a metal colorful structure covered with a roof of stitched felt and underneath we have a small lantern. This is a magnet lamp so it is removable that we will be able to move the lantern according to our needs and therefore play with a variation of light.”

Cahute Table 2

Cahute Table 3

Cahute Table 4

Cahute Table 5

Cahute Table 6

Cahute Table 7

Photography: Maxime Champion, Courtesy of Pierre-Gilles Fourquié


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