Catalyst Shelf by JiYoung Seo

Catalyst Shelf by Ji Young Seo 1

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Catalyst Shelf by Ji Young Seo 1

Catalyst is a unique shelf which gives a tactile sensation when touched. Designed by JiYoung Seo, the Catalyst shelf is made of silicon and has a thinner layer on the upper part that holds things like books, papers, pens etc. It can also be used as a bookmark. In designer’s words, “The beginning of any relationship requires the introduction of a catalyst. Strangers can be brought together through mutual interactions and occurrences.

This type of interaction, whether done through a simple ‘hello,’ or a more elaborate activity, can be construed as a type of “play”. My shelves aim to invite the user to interact with its form. They utilize various “play signals” that engage the user to touch, feel, and react to the object. Each shelf has the potential to stand alone, but the introduction of user participation can contribute to a full realization of its features.”

Catalyst Shelf by Ji Young Seo

Catalyst Shelf by Ji Young Seo 3

Catalyst Shelf by Ji Young Seo 4

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