Cathedral Low Table by Nobu Miake

Cathedral Low Table 1

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Cathedral Low Table 1

Cathedral is a low table designed by Nobu Miake of Japanese studio Design Soil. The structure of the table is inspired by Gothic architecture. The table is made of molded plywood held in position by two types of metal fittings and square glass piece for tabletop. When looking from the top, through glass top, it resembles the structure of a church.

In designer’s words, ““CATHEDRAL” is a low table inspired by Gothic architectures. It consists of molded plywood and two types of metal fitting. Although the parts themselves have only limited strength, once they are assembled into a complete structure, all the force applying onto the structure will be redirected towards the center, and hence gives it stability and strength.”

Cathedral Low Table 2

Cathedral Low Table 3

Cathedral Low Table 4

Cathedral Low Table 5

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