Clamp Chair by Andreas Kowalewski

Clamp Chair 1

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Clamp Chair 1

Clamp is a simple chair designed by Andreas Kowalewski. It is made from oak or walnut wood with fabric upholstery. In designer’s words, “The intention was to design a comfortable yet simple wooden chair, which reveals the beauty of the wood material and the skills of the craftsman. The “Clamp” principle shapes the chair consistently and determines its character, by interlocking the legs, corpus, seat and backrest structurally as well as visually and forms eventually a seamless unity of all elements.

Made from a single piece of molded plywood, the upholstered backrest embraces the body of the user like a shell. Each of the wooden parts was carefully selected in terms of coloring and grain. The structural details such as the wooden joints emphasize the aesthetical appearance and precision of the chair.”

Clamp Chair 2

Clamp Chair 3

Clamp Chair 4

Clamp Chair 5

Clamp Chair 6

Clamp Chair 7

Clamp Chair 8

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