Cóm-oda Folding Chair by Mr. Simon

Cóm-oda folding chair 1

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Cóm-oda folding chair 1

Spanish design studio Mr. Simon has created the Cóm-oda folding chair. It is a multipurpose furniture unit that doubles as a side table when folded. Most of the folding chairs are designed to achieve one thing, to save space when not in use. This versatile chair not only saves the space but also takes another role and becomes useful even when folded.

Cóm-oda folding chair 2

Cóm-oda means comfortable in Spanish, it also refers to commode in English. The overall design of the furniture (when folded) is based on the 17th century commodes which often featured marquetry motifs or carvings. The Cóm-oda chair was launched during Valencia Design Week 2011.

Cóm-oda folding chair 3

Cóm-oda folding chair 4

Image Courtesy: Mr. Simon


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