Cool High Heel Seats

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“When a product becomes a sculpture, a combination of fantasy and reality of nature that surrounds us, the industrial model gets a new taste, and we understand that nature and society have so much influence in itself.’’ This quote by the industrial designer Haris Jusovic was a cornerstone for his chair concept named “High Heel Seats”.

These amazing pieces of furniture are the artist’s illustrations and have no commercial background, but they have a clear idea how the industry can be influenced by the environment and the civilization.

His aim was to create a visual statement that will break the boundaries of imagination, and shift the creative perspective towards wit and charm. Apart from creating high heel chairs, you will find various everyday objects that inspired the designer.

High_heels_seats3 High_heels_seats1 High_heels_seats2 High_heels_seats10 High_heels_seats11 High_heels_seats4 High_heels_seats5 High_heels_seats6 High_heels_seats7 High_heels_seats8 High_heels_seats9

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