Cradle – A Versatile Rocking Chair

Cradle Rocking Chair 1

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Cradle Rocking Chair 1

Cradle is a versatile rocking chair cum cradle designed by Richard Clarkson and team which includes Grace Emmanual, Kalivia Russel, Eamon Moore, Brodie Cambell, Jeremy Brooker, and Joya Boerrigter. Curved braces and slats of the cradle create a safe, comfortable and relaxing environment for you to cuddle up after long day’s work. The furniture provides comfort and privacy of a cocoon with joy of a rocking chair.

Here is a description from the designer, “We have called our rocking chair “cradle” as is epitomizes what the chair is all about. It is about creating a safe, comfortable and relaxing environment in which the user can dissipate the overstimulation of their senses.

Cradle Rocking Chair 2

The design was heavily directed by a synthesis of research into Autisim and children with Rhythmic Movement Disorder (RMD) as well as safety, sustainability, function and aesthetics. The chair adheres to the concept “if you design for the extremes and the middle will sort itself out,” while we had a strong focus creating a solution for sufferers of RMD the chair is not exclusively for them and will bring relaxation, comfort and calmness to homes with this desirable chair. Cradle is manufactured from reusable and environmentally friendly raw materials including the glue used to form the intial plywood layers.

Cradle Rocking Chair 3

Cradle Rocking Chair 4

Cradle Rocking Chair 5

Cradle Rocking Chair 6

Cradle Rocking Chair 7

Cradle Rocking Chair 8

Image Courtesy: Richard Clarkson

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