Creatibles Lounge Chair by Johan Hovgaard Simonsen

Creatibles Lounge Chair 1

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Creatibles Lounge Chair 1

Hong Kong-based designer Johan Hovgaard Simonsen has created the Creatibles Lounge Chair. This DIY concept was designed in collaboration with Danish furniture manufacturer SIKA Design. The main idea was to develop a chair exploring the opportunities of rattan. In designer’s words, “Although usually steam bend into shape, I decided to work with the natural flexibility and strength of the material by exploring if it would be possible to flex the material into the shape of a chair.

In order to do this, I worked with simple and same-angled joints in steel as the only points of fixation holding the 27 thirty millimeter rattan sticks together. In addition to this, the seat and back is created from a 12 meter 14 centimeter wide rug edge fabric binding the whole chair together. Developed as a DIY concept, I also worked with the development of a simple manufacturing process as well as a freight inspired graphic identity to suggest how the series, Creatibles, could eventually contain more combinable DIY products.”

Creatibles Lounge Chair 2

Creatibles Lounge Chair 3

Creatibles Lounge Chair 4

Image Courtesy: Johan Hovgaard Simonsen

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