Creative chair in which you can be “isolated” from the world

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A comfortable working chair that also gives you privacy from the colleagues is a dream for many people. If you want to isolate yourself while working, you will love this new chair Ara, designed by the Spanish design studio Perezochando.

Ara follows the new trend of comfortable armchairs in which the supporter is higher than usual and creates a small canvas “wall” that provides privacy and tranquility of those who work on it.

Crafted for the furniture company Missana, the chair is characterized by high vertical support that looks like a big hug in which you can hide while working or isolate yourself while reading a book.

The modern armchair comes in combination with a small table, which is practical to work you’re your laptop or place documents and books.

The chair is an interesting solution for modern offices with an open plan that have more informal spaces for work and relaxation or less formal and more intimate meetings.

(Photo Credits: www.cualiti.es)