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4 Creative Reading Chair Ideas

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Looking for creative reading chair ideas? These reading chairs were created by independent top designers around the world. Note that not all of these products are available for purchase, and some are just prototypes, so use these for inspiration for new ideas. See our post on unique reading chairs to view products you can buy online today!

1. Ova Easy Chair

Designer Christian Dorn of German design studio STILTREU has created the Ova Easy Chair. The simple design of the chair is composed of two powder-coated steel frames and a cushion. According to the designer, “The idea is to design a timeless piece of furniture with transient smooth shape from simple, soft geometry. The focus is equally supposed to be on convenience and seating comfort.

Ova Easy Chair 1
Ova Easy Chair 2

The form is to appear secondary or should not be perceived so markedly and is intended to merge into a whole thanks to the choice and impressions of high-quality types of leather.”

Ova Easy Chair 3
Ova Easy Chair 4
Ova Easy Chair 5
Ova Easy Chair 6

2. Lumber Chair

Jamie Mclellan has designed the Lumber chair for New Zealand furniture brand Fletcher Systems. Following is some information from the designer, “The Lumber chair is made from solid ash dowels, and a bent ply shell upholstered in a wool textile. As with the Lumber Stool, the Lumber chair uses knuckle joints similar to those found in log cabins to give the frame not only it’s signature detailing, but the strength that exceeds its visual lightness.”

Lumber Chair 1
Lumber Chair 2
Lumber Chair 3
Lumber Chair 4

3. Reading Corner – A Combination Of Lounge Chair And Rack System

Reading Corner, designed by Inbar Paradny Kalomidi, is a combination of a comfortable lounge chair and book rack system. With shelves located nearby, it’s very easy to access your favorite books and magazines. Designed to provide maximum comfort, you can also use it as a normal sofa in your living room. Let’s read the designer’s words, “The connection between chaise-lounge (day bed) and reading is rooted in our cultural consciousness. Combination between two objects to create an experience. When apart, the library “miss” the bed. In an open mode, the user becomes part of the experience, and an intimate reading corner is created for him.”

4. Kosha Reading Chair

Kosha is a comfortable reading chair designed by Claudio D’Amore. The term Kosha is a Sanskrit word meaning “sheath” or “vehicle of awareness”. The functionality and unique design of the Kosha chair is ideal for bookworms. Here is a description from the designer, “Kosha is an innovative, original and decidedly different concept. More than a luxury piece of furniture, Kosha is a meditative space, a sort of protective sheath.

Kosha Reading Chair 1
Kosha Reading Chair 2

This exceptional object consists of 33 strips of wood machined one by one then assembled by hand with a watchmaker’s precision. 10 niches provide spaces to store one’s favorite books, always within easy reach. With its pure, enveloping aesthetics and shapely lines drawn to embrace harmoniously the body’s curves, Kosha combines a strong and timeless design with faultless ergonomics.”

Kosha Reading Chair 4
Kosha Reading Chair 5
Kosha Reading Chair 6

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