Creative sculptural bookshelf

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Creative sculptural bookshelf

The designer and founder of “Pousti” design studio, Mariam Pousti, created a complex bookshelf that looks like an open fan as part of the special collection “CHEFT”, which was presented at the Design Week in Milan.

The creative bookshelf which looks like wooden sculpture is made out of 12 interlocking elements  that slide into each other with specially designed grooves. The shelves seem like they branch off on both sides of the bookshelf and look like a wide open fan, creating a structure that does not need a wall support and stands on its own.

The design makes the bookshelf a practical and multifunctional element that can be easily transferred to another room and it can be used both as a bookshelf and as a partition.

Creative sculptural bookshelf1

Creative sculptural bookshelf2Creative sculptural bookshelf3(Photo Credits: www.studiopousti.com)