14 Creative Storage Solution Ideas

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Looking for creative storage solution ideas? These storage solutions were created by independent top designers around the world. Note that not all of these products are available for purchase, and some are just prototypes, so use these for inspiration for new ideas. See our post on unique storage solutions to view products you can buy online today!

1. Obscur Stackable Storage Drawers System

Obscur Stackable Storage Drawer System 1

Obscur is a minimalist stackable storage drawer system designed by German designer Johannes Glockner. The furniture system consists of individual wooden drawers that can be stacked to the desired height. The furniture can be used in many ways; stack two or three drawers it becomes bedside cabinet, stack more drawers it becomes storage for files, folders, etc. This feature makes this furniture unit very unique and usable in many places like the living room, bedroom, lounge, etc. The exterior design of the storage system is very simple minimalist. Take a look at the pictures.

Obscur Stackable Storage Drawer System 2
Obscur Stackable Storage Drawer System 3
Obscur Stackable Storage Drawer System 4

Image Courtesy: Johannes Glockner

2. Kid’s Room Storage Unit

It’s always difficult to choose the right storage wardrobe for the kid’s room. Kid’s storage units come in different shapes and sizes. Some are big while others are compact. IKEA brought STUVA a new kid’s storage series for the autumn holidays. These storage units make it easy to customize personal storage solutions for clothes and games for kid’s rooms. STUVA series is available in pink, blue, white, and birch. Let’s take a look at this new storage series for the kid’s room from IKEA.

3. Blackboard – Chalkboard Storage Cabinet

Blackboard is Do-It-Yourself furniture designed by Slovakian designer Peter Jakubik. The front appearance of the furniture can be easily changed by the user using chalk. In the designer’s words, “A storage cabinet seeks an inspiration in the trend “open source” with the possibility of endless variations of the final product. The appearance of the product can a user set easily by changing the color of the monitor background on your PC. The DIY furniture is part of the Communist designer’s project named “Open Design” realized with the support of Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic.”

Blackboard - Chalkboard storage cabinet 1
Blackboard - Chalkboard storage cabinet 2
Blackboard - Chalkboard storage cabinet 3
Blackboard - Chalkboard storage cabinet 4
Blackboard - Chalkboard storage cabinet 5

4. Fake Support Column With Hidden Storage

This ingenious fake support column with hidden storage space is designed by Sophie Mense. The cabinet is made out of Cedarwood with a pedestal made out of solid Carrara marble. The pedestal can be moved around the column to access the lockers and drawers easily.

“Collecting is a condition of humanity, a fascination for a particular object or relation to an experience you cherish. I have the compulsion to give these objects their own particular orientation within my personal space, a subtle yet prominent position. I have chosen to work with a shape that gets absorbed by the space; the column, a constructive element of the house. A column is also a monument to impress, to remember important events that may not be forgotten. The column as a monument and the column as a constructive element is like the equivalent of my Column, but in the size and scale that fits our interior. With my Column, I propose the question is it a component of architecture or is it interior furniture.” – Sophie Mense.

5. Plus One For Additional Storage Needs

Plus One, designed by Matthias Ries for MRDO, is an additional storage container for any kind of regular shelf. Its sophisticatedly bent plywood results in an exclusive look. With a simple U-shaped tube Plus One can be attached to a shelf. Surely it doesn’t add much more storage space but helps to highlight your current folders or books in an unobtrusive way. It comes in walnut or maple veneer. Individually knitted socks for the tube not only protect the surfaces but add an additional aesthetical level.

Plus One Shelf
Plus One shelf
Plus One

6. Sai Modular Wall Storage Unit

Sai is a versatile wall storage system designed by Korean designer Jiyoung Seo. In the designer’s words, “SAI is a modular storage solution with small silicon cubes which have unexpected tactile sensations when touched. The object consisted of silicon blocks that hold things such as books, papers, clothes whatever you want. People can also lean on it while reading a book or pin a message on it. It can be used in multiple ways and provides an opportunity for personalization as you can arrange the blocks in any pattern.”

Sai Modular Wall Storage Unit 1
Sai Modular Wall Storage Unit 2
Sai Modular Wall Storage Unit 3
Sai Modular Wall Storage Unit 4
Sai Modular Wall Storage Unit 5

7. Folio- Light and Simple Storage Shelf System

Folio is a simple shelving system made of wood and felt panels. The minimalist storage furniture was designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for Established & Sons. Here is some information by Established & Sons, “The question of finding inventive, simple ways to tidy up a room has always been a recurrent topic for Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. Folio offers a new typology of furniture as it occupies a space between the functionality of basic shelves and the more elaborate option provided by a chest with mechanical doors, while also retaining an unexpected sculptural quality.

It provides the possibility to hide some, or the totality, of the objects that stand on Folio’s oak shelves just by moving a fabric adornment that runs delicately along with a discreet aluminum rack. Folio is a simple, light, and easy-to-use-system.”

Folio Shelving System 1
Folio Shelving System 2
Folio Shelving System 3

8. Awesome kayak-shaped storage unit

“The Collectors Cabinet” is a storage unit for small items, with a dual function of the sculptural decorative element in the home and practical small library. With its shape, which resembles a kayak, this element brings an artistic note to the home.

The entire unit is made of solid ash slats with arched form, surrounding the core of the floating shelves mounted on the ribbed background. Designer Jeremy Zietz wanted to create a piece of furniture that will evoke memories of travel and adventure, but also a space to store souvenirs that deserve their own little “sanctuary” in the home.

The same technique for this storage unit is used in the creation of traditional arched wooden elements, usually barrels. The exterior slats and base construction are fastened and breathe as one so that the body of the element appears to be carved from a whole piece. The rotating system offers the possibility of displaying or hiding the valuables that are found inside.

Awesome kayak-shaped storage unit
Awesome kayak-shaped storage unit1
Awesome kayak-shaped storage unit2
Awesome kayak-shaped storage unit3
Awesome kayak-shaped storage unit4

9. Innovative And Modern Storage Cabinet Designs

This incredible and highly original drawer storage furniture named décor is designed by Fulo. This furniture collection has a very attractive and creative design shape. The cubic shape of this furniture series will help us to place to match the rhythm of the house as its shape will match the shape of the wall. We can put this storage system in the living room corner or use it as a bedside storage unit. Finished with a neutral colors like white, this furniture will add a modern look to the living room interiors. Its color and shape make it possible to use this storage unit in both modern and minimalistic themes.

10. MoModul Storage Furniture System

Antwerp, Belgia-based designer Xavier Coenen has created the MoModul. It is a modular storage furniture system consisting of 3 basic modules. The shape and size of the furniture system can be changed to suit the space and needs by arranging the three modules in different ways.

MoModul Modular Storage Furniture System by Xavier Coenen
MoModul Modular Storage Furniture System by Xavier Coenen
MoModul Modular Storage Furniture System by Xavier Coenen
MoModul Modular Storage Furniture System by Xavier Coenen
MoModul Modular Storage Furniture System by Xavier Coenen

11. Multipurpose Storage System – An Furniture

An Furniture By KAMKAM 1

An Furniture is a compact and multipurpose storage unit designed by Korean design company KAMKAM. In the designer’s words, “Ax sheets (A3, A4, A5, etc) have “Silver Ratio” that promotes productivity by keeping the dimensions always (approximately) in the same ratio of width: length when they are folded in half. Inspired by these Ax sheets, we assigned fresh sculptures of distinctive ratios to furniture, which makes the furniture economical by saving raw materials. Since An Furniture also can be rearranged and relocated to a closet, a bookshelf, a storage cabinet, and a drawer by a straightforward process, there would be no furniture better than this for single-person households.”

An Furniture By KAMKAM 2
An Furniture By KAMKAM 3
An Furniture By KAMKAM 4
An Furniture By KAMKAM 5

12. UtiliTILE Hallway Storage System By Thout

UtiliTILE Hallway is a multifunction storage system designed by Thout. Ideal for small-space living, this series of wall tiles provide a specific storage function for the hallway. Coat hooks flip out of one, while another provides both a shelf for keys and a rack for mail or magazines. Unclutter the entrance for a quick exit. The unit is made from solid wood and veneer over plywood and is available in white oak or walnut.

UtiliTILE Hallway by Thout 1
UtiliTILE Hallway by Thout 2

13. Versatile Wall Storage System Loopits

Loopits are a versatile wall storage system created by Quirky. The flexible storage straps allow you to secure almost any object to a wall, cabinet, or workbench, instantly turning a surface into a storage solution. Loopits are composed of two primary pieces: bands and discs. The discs attach to walls with adhesive or screws. Easy to install or remove, the Loopits are easy to customize and expand. According to the designers, “Their combination of wall-mountable disks and stretchy elastic bands allow for ultimate customization, enabling you to craft a setup to suit your exact needs. Suspend shampoo in the shower, ketchup in the fridge, toothbrushes in the bathroom… the possibilities really are endless!”

Versatile Wall Storage System Loopits by Quirky
Versatile Wall Storage System Loopits by Quirky
Versatile Wall Storage System Loopits by Quirky
Versatile Wall Storage System Loopits by Quirky

14. Innovative Paper Storage for Small Items

Chinese design studio INNOVO has created this innovative paper storage unit to keep your work table clean and tidy. In the designer’s words, “This paper storage is made for small things, to keep them organized on table or shelf. It is a wooden – paper notebook when it is closed. While open, it is a recognizable Chinese traditional papercraft shape, with plenty of small pockets. Those pockets can be filled with pens, scissors, tapes, or any small stuff needed on the table. The materials that are used are the same as for a traditional Chinese umbrella – wood, rice paper, and a bit of glue.”

Paper Storage 1
Paper Storage 2
Paper Storage 3
Paper Storage 4

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