8 Creative Wooden Chair Ideas

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Looking for creative wooden chair ideas? These chairs were created by independent top designers around the world. Note that not all of these products are available for purchase, and some are just prototypes, so use these for inspiration for new ideas. See our post on unique wooden chairs to view products you can buy online today!

1. A Chair

Canadian Woodworks has designed a simple and comfortable wooden chair called A Chair. The design is very elegant. In the designer’s words, “This chair is a very interesting and unique design, when you sit in it you feel free and very comfortable.  Perfect for sitting down with some friends to play some guitar but also fits right in around a board room table. We’ve been able to sculpt this design into our own by deciding to attach the front leg to the seat using a true Maloof joint; this adds strength and beautiful fair transitions.”

A Chair by Canadian Woodworks 1
A Chair by Canadian Woodworks 2
A Chair by Canadian Woodworks 3
A Chair by Canadian Woodworks 4
A Chair by Canadian Woodworks 5

2. Pixel Chair

Vivian Chiu, a design student of Rhode Island School of Design who created the Inception Chair we featured here before, designed Pixel Chair for her new project. It is made up of ½” x ½” wooden cubes that are put together individually by hand in a brick-laid formation and later laminated. The unique pixelated texture of the chair gives it the name Pixel. Check out the pictures below.

Pixel Chair 1
Pixel Chair 2
Pixel Chair 3
Pixel Chair 4
Pixel Chair 5

3. Outline Chair

The outline is a unique wooden chair design created by Ukraine-based designer Michael Samoriz of Umbra Design. The design of the chair is very simple and elegant. It features two closed lines, sort of silhouettes forming leg and armrest on both sides. The seating area and backrest connect these two silhouettes to complete the chair. This unique design gives this chair a distinctive stance against any other furniture. The minimalist design of the furniture suits any interiors. The closed line or silhouette can be filled with other color material to make the furniture stand out even more.

Outline Chair 1
Outline Chair 2
Outline Chair 3
Outline Chair 4
Outline Chair 5

4. Grasshopper Chair

Brooklyn-based industrial designer Philip Bayer has created the Grasshopper Chair. As the name itself indicates, the chair is inspired by the grasshopper. It is made from solid ash wood and veneer.

Grasshopper Chair 1
Grasshopper Chair 2
Grasshopper Chair 3
Grasshopper Chair 4

5. Impossible Wood Chair

London based design studio Doshi Levien has designed injection molded modern chair Impossible Wood for Italian furniture company Moroso. This light chair will be launched at Milan Furniture Fair on 12 April 2011. Following is some information by the designer, “Inspired by the characteristics of liquid wood, we decided to create a chair that references the genre of light, graceful, bentwood frame chairs but would be impossible to make in any other way than by injection molding, hence the name “impossible wood”.

Impossible Wood Chair by Doshi Levien for Moroso 1
Impossible Wood Chair by Doshi Levien for Moroso 2

We found an injection moldable material that has very different visual and tactile properties to any other industrial plastic. It is a thermoplastic composite made using 80% wood fiber and 20% polypropylene and it can be processed using conventional injection molding machines.

Impossible Wood Chair by Doshi Levien for Moroso 3

The pressure and heat from the mold release moisture from the wood fiber which in turn burns on the surface of the aluminum tool, creating a random, leather-like tarnished effect.

Impossible Wood Chair by Doshi Levien for Moroso 4

We were intrigued by the depth and texture of liquid wood that is the opposite of slick, homogenous, surface perfect plastic, currently used for most molded chairs. Liquid wood has a used, worn, raw and earthy quality that is timeless and natural. It also smells of wood.”

Impossible Wood Chair by Doshi Levien for Moroso 5

6. Innovative Twin Chair

Italian company Euga Design has designed a new wooden chair called Twin Chair. It is a set of two chairs that are designed to fit together. The cylindrical twin chair can be separated into two seats when required and you can stack them up to save space when not in use. The chair is made with oak covered in oak veneer. The chair is colored in light and dark brown with a very attractive and innovative shape.

7. Minimalist Wooden Chair Leaf

This flexible and functional minimalist wood chair, Leaf was designed by Mehtap Obuz of Demirden Design for Ilio. The Leaf chair is made from oak and walnut with a natural finish. Both aesthetically and functionally flexible, Leaf can be used as a seat or table. Its curved, nesting components elegantly provide a versatile and practical range of surfaces.

Leaf Furniture by mehtap Obuz for Ilio
Leaf furniture Ilio
leaf chair table set

8. Rising Chair

Dutch designer Robert van Embricqs has designed a modern wooden chair called Rising. In the designer’s words, “The foundation of any chair is the flat surface you’ll eventually sit down on. Using this notion as a starting point, I made several cuts in the flat surface and pulled up the different beam-like strands of the cut surface. This created the preliminary but already distinct features of any chair: back, seat and legs. As a creator, I felt a special connection to the material I was working with. Molding the chair into its definitive form, it felt like a special, hard to define partnership between myself and the material.”

Rising Chair by Robert van Embricqs 1
Rising Chair by Robert van Embricqs 2
Rising Chair by Robert van Embricqs 3
Rising Chair by Robert van Embricqs 4
Rising Chair by Robert van Embricqs 5

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