Cul Sofa by Ahsayane Design Studio

Cul Sofa 1

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Cul Sofa 1

Cul Sofa is a flexible seating unit with built-in storage space for magazines, books and DVDs. It is designed by Belgian design studio Ahsayane. Following is some information from the designer, “ The sofa is made in two separate parts. One part fits inside the other in order to be transported from manufacturer to shops and to stores to homes in the less space possible.

It is easy to assembly, and the final result is an elegant sofa for home. It was named “Cul” firstly as abbreviation of culture due it was thought for store books. Secondly, you will be able to notice a “C”, “U” and “L” lined by its metallic frame.

Cul Sofa 2

Cul Sofa 3

Cul Sofa 4

Cul Sofa 5

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