Daja Sofa by Maly Hoffmann Kahleyss for Leolux

Daja Sofa 1

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Daja Sofa 1

German design firm Maly Hoffmann Kahleyss has designed the Daja Sofa in collaboration with Leolux. The robust outer shell and the soft upholstery of the sofa is designed after the back seat of a luxury limousine. Here is a description from the producer, “Sitting in the Daja is like settling down in the back seat of a luxury limousine. There too, you are cocooned by the strong bodywork while you melt away into soft seats covered in fine leather. The association with a car is reiterated at several points: elegantly curving, slightly domed surfaces are edged at specific points to create a stable and structured shape, so they lend the design a distinctive, almost streamlined look.

Daja Sofa 2

Daja offers sofas in two different seat depths (with or without cushions) and varying widths. Apart from that, there are various modular elements and a footstool. A programme with countless possible variations and a choice of coverings.”

Daja Sofa 3

Daja Sofa 4

Daja Sofa 5

Daja Sofa 6

Daja Sofa 7

Daja Sofa 8

Daja Sofa 9

Photography: Zebra Fotostudios, Courtesy: Leolux